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Lifetime Replacement Assurance

When you buy a part with GenuineParts’ Lifetime Replacement Assurance (LRA), you can get a free replacement of that part anytime as long as you own the vehicle!*

Just look for the Lifetime Replacement Assurance Badge to see if the product is eligible.


How It Works


  1. When you buy the part the first time, the Registration Number, Year of Manufacture and Current Ownership of your car is recorded. You may be required to give a copy of your Vehicle Registration (RC).
  2. When you require a replacement, purchase the same part on again from the same login account.
  3. Once you receive the new part, replace it on your vehicle and ship the old part back to us so as to reach us within 30 days of the receipt of the replacement part by you, along with the fully filled LRA Refund Form.
  4. We shall verify that the part received back was purchased from us, the ownership of the car has not changed and the lifetime of the vehicle has not expired.*
  5. After verification as above, we shall refund you the amount of the new purchase up to the value of the old purchase; shipping costs excluded.

  6. * Subject to the lifetime of the car as mandated by the National Green Tribunal i.e.10 years from date of manufacture for Diesel and 15 years for Petrol cars. Other fuels like CNG etc are also covered for a period of 15 years.
    We shall not take back parts that have not been sold by us. In case we receive a part not sold by us, we shall either discard it or ship it back at your cost.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


  1. This is too good to be true, is it for real?
    Yes, it sure is!
  2. How can you afford this?
    It’s part technology and part marketing. We offer parts with the best quality and from genuine sources only. That way we are sure of minimum returns. We are also willing to bear the cost of keeping our customers happy.
  3. Does this include every part you sell?
    No, this is only applicable to parts where this option is available on the website, and only when you have opted for it.
  4. Are there any exceptions or limitations on the lifetime replacement guarantee?
    The LRA is non-transferable and only applies to parts you buy from You must own the car at present and also be the person who originally purchased the part on Also, the date of manufacture of the car should be within 10 years for diesel and 15 years for other fuel cars at the time of the replacement
  5. Can I return parts that were original to the car or ones that I purchased elsewhere?
    No. The LRA only applies to parts you purchased from
  6. Do you also cover the labour charges too?
    No, we don't cover labour charges.
  7. Does it matter who installed the part?
    Not at all. However, wilful damage will not be covered.
  8. What about shipping costs?
    The LRA does not include shipping charges paid to us. Also, the old part has to packed and shipped back to us by you at your cost.
  9. How do I get the replacement in case the same part is not available on
    The process requires you to purchase the same part on before the old part is shipped back to us. So, in case the same is not available on our website, we shall not be able to give the benefit of LRA.
  10. Is the LRA applicable to the replacement part received by me under the LRA benefit?
    The replacement part comes with the standard manufacturers’ warranty and is not entitled to get another free replacement. When the refund is made against a subsequent replacement purchase, a waiver for the LRA on the replacement would be required in the LRA Refund Form. Any LRA fee paid on the replacement purchase would also be refunded.


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