• Contitech Genuine Part Replacement Alternator Belt for Mercedes E250 CDI (EPDM)

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Contitech Genuine Part Replacement Alternator Belt for Mercedes E250 CDI (EPDM)

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Contitech AG is a part of German Automotive Component Giant - Continental Corporation. Contitech India focuses on Automotive Power Transmission Products and are OE in over 50 brands globally ranging from Maruti Suzuki and Tata to Mercedes-Benz and Rolls Royce.

Multi-Rib Belts (also commonly referred to as Poly-V Belts, Accessory Belts) are used to drive one or more peripheral devices in an automotive engine, such as the alternator, water pump, power steering, AC compressor etc. which is why they are also referred to by the name of the component they drive (example Alternator Belt, AC Belt etc.) 

Signs of Impending Replacement of your Multi-Rib Belts are continuous squealing or rattling noise when the engine is running, visually damaged belt, improper working of AC or power steering and engine overheating due to non rotation of water pump motor.

Precautions during Installation of your Multi-Rib Belt include avoiding under-tension and over-tension the belt and check for pulley mismatch or misalignment. 

Measures for a longer life of your Multi-Rib Belt include proper installation, regular re-tensioning and removal of debris from the belt groves after a drive through rough roads or environment..